Baptisms 1813 – 1906 Dorset

Baptisms 1813 – 1906

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The collection consists of Church of England baptisms records from parishes in Dorset. The original records are kept at the Dorset History Centre, Dorchester, Dorset. The time period covered is 1813 – 1906, but this period may not apply to all parishes depending on when the parish was established and whether the records have survived.

The FindMyPast transcripts may not cover all the parishes in Dorset and the time periods may not reflect the total time period that the original registers encompass. A list of the parishes and time periods that these transcripts cover can be obtained from the Find My Past website or by contacting the Dorset Family History Society.

George Rose’s Act of Parliament stipulated that from 1813 all registers were to be of a pre-printed type with standardised information. Some parishes continued to use the Dade or Barrington Registers which gave more information than the registers required by Rose’s Act.


The information given in the baptism registers is:-

  • When baptised
  • Child’s Christian Name
  • Parents names; Christian & Surname
  • Abode
  • Quality, Trade or Profession
  • By Whom the ceremony was performed

There was no provision for the recording of the child’s date of birth, but this can sometimes be found in the margin. An illegitimate (base-born) child may have only the mother’s name recorded or may have the phrase “reputed child of” and then the name of the person whom the mother said was the father.

A more detailed lesson on parish registers can be found here …….
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Where scanned & indexed images of the original records can be found online

Baptisms 1813 – 1906

Where indexed transcripts of the records can be found online

Baptisms 1813 – various

Note – Transcripts may not be a full record of everything on the original entry, also transcripts are open to error on the part of the transcriber. Viewing the original document online is preferable.



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