Confirmation Registers 1850–1921 Dorset

The collection consists of Church of England confirmation records from parishes in Dorset. The original records are kept at the Dorset History Centre, Dorchester, Dorset. The time period covered is 1850 – 1921, but this will depend on when the parish was established and whether the records have survived.

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Confirmation Records

Confirmation is a religious ceremony where a person confirms their commitment to the Christian ideals that were conferred on them by baptism. The person has to be baptised before confirmation can be undertaken. Therefore the people named in confirmation registers are usually older children or young adults, however some people get confirmed later in life.

The ceremony is usually conducted by a Bishop and a number of people are confirmed during one ceremony. The information given in the registers is usually name, address, age and occasionally date of birth.

These records are particularly useful if a person is confirmed after they have left their childhood home.